10 tips for good content production

News - Sep 11, 2019

Good and high-quality content is the alpha and omega of any story, whether it’s in the media, on SoMe platforms or somewhere else. However, in the world where everything is one click away, it seems that there is little we can do to attract a large number of people. It is becoming growingly difficult to be creative, and there is no recipe for producing good content.

Nevertheless, we’ve attempted to compile a list of 10 tricks for you. By following these tips, you can certainly improve your content, so it cannot do any harm to read them:

  1. Address audience/readers directly
  2. Get to know your audience very well
  3. Good content does not mean clickbait. Be careful
  4. No one has time to read long copies, but it doesn’t mean that they should include three sentences only. Bear in mind that the ideal length is 800 to 1000 words, so try to present what’s relevant within those limits
  5. Make a compelling, intriguing and appealing introduction that will make a reader/client want more and maintain attention
  6. Write shorter sentences divided in paragraphs. It is important to make it easy to read
  7. Build audience trust, tell a compelling and positive story
  8. Use the language close to them, avoid expert and scientific terminology
  9. “Call to action” is mandatory – whether it is a visit to your website, an option of sending a message… You will have a clear insight into how many people reacted o your post
  10. Linking to other content, as well as link building, which you can learn more about on our website HERE.



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