3 digital marketing trends that will provide results

News - Jun 28, 2019

Digital marketing is one of the most important tools for those aiming to market their products and/or sell services. Its relatively low costs compared to traditional forms of advertising and the media define it as a good option for companies with a limited marketing budget.

As people increasingly watch TV commercials with paying little attention to them, watch less TV in general, with few people we know who are subscribed to a newspaper or a magazine, some marketing experts claim that even companies with a huge marketing budget should focus part of it on digital marketing.

These are three leading digital marketing trends in 2019:

Digital marketing will still be one of the best ways of promoting companies online. With a well-devised plan, including a few different digital marketing agencies, most companies may reach success in digital marketing.

  1. Consumers don’t trust Facebook

Facebook remains a significant tool which companies may utilise to get a client base at a small price. If you already manage your company’s Facebook page, perhaps you’ve noticed changes in a number of followers, both on a daily basis and in the long run. Many users have started deactivating their Facebook accounts, thus reducing a total number of users. When and if they reactivate them, these users will reappear on your page as if they had never left it. Don’t let this trend divert you from using Facebook as part of your digital strategy. Things change constantly.

  1. Mail Chimp changed its email policy

Historically, email marketing platforms, such as Mail Chimp, have enabled companies to send emails to individuals who have joined their lists. Changes that Mail Chimp has introduced in 2019 now provide companies with an opportunity to send emails to other types of users, including those who have not subscribed to your company’s emails. This includes former customers as well. It means that companies should accept this change in order to create other types of email marketing campaigns and thus reach those individuals. This is one type of a digital marketing campaign that may have a major impact on sales and engagement.

  1. Lower number of “experts”

Companies increasingly rely on performance and shared testing data in order to determine the best way of placing their business online on their own. “Experts” in this area have turned to some other trends, so employers find ways to do their job. And it’s not a bad thing, as once you really get into it, you’ll be the best to do the job because you who you want to reach and who your potential consumers are.

As seen from this year’s forecasts, it’s important not to invest all the time and resources of your company in one form of digital marketing. Instead, well defined strategies will continue to work best.


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