3 things I’ve learned in Mokra Gora School of Management

Blog - May 28, 2019

Before I come up with an interesting lead, I have to say one thing – if you ever have a chance to attend a course organised by Mokra Gora School of Management – don’t hesitate! Pack up and go! Why? Not because this could be a paid native article (let’s be clear: it’s absolutely not), but simply because your stay and attendance will definitely provide you with a new perspective… and if you continue reading, let me try to explain what I have gained from the First Module of the General Management Program.

You’ll rediscover yourself

This sounds like a common phrase, but it’s really true. In the first days of lectures, you’ll be reminded of the basic principles of emotional intelligence, significance and basics of good communication… but a simple personality test quickly sobers you up and helps you realise why you are what you are in both your professional and personal life. And then you learn why others are what they are and why you immediately “click” with some people and not with others… Those of us engaged in “agency business” need to adapt to different clients and projects… However, it’s priceless when you get tips on how to act and behave in various situations from people whose profession is personality management. And all that with only one objective – to work efficiently and be satisfied!

People are everything (communication is everything)

I am free to say that I’ve written this claim at least 50 times in the past decade. Now I’m writing it for the 51st time, but this time I’m ever more certain that it’s true! Why? Some much more clever and skilful people say that business changes. Profit is still a key, but the human factor is what gives it a shape! It provides it with a foundation, leading it in a proper direction and making it sustainable and meaningful. Numerous surveys show that people create processes despite digitalisation, make decisions, motivate one another and thus create good teams where all members are self-accomplished and satisfied. And in order to have a well-functioning team, we need to communicate successfully and nurture the culture of dialogue and unity. It’s probably the best news I’ve heard in regard to the future of our profession – our role will continue to matterJ

Keep changing

For those of us who like doing things in a verified and familiar way, this sounds terrifying. Why change something that “works”? In short, you should make changes so that a change does not surprise you. It’s inevitable, right behind the corner, and it’s up to you to get ahead of it. And most importantly, change the attitude towards new, innovation and visionaries. Those who understand what the human kind needs are and will be, who are open for various outcomes and opportunities will change the world! Leaders are those visionaries, people with ideas, passion and enthusiasm that others often can’t grasp… and no matter how difficult it is for us, the evidence is clear – those who change themselves are successful! Just think of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk…

If these arguments are still not good enough for you, here’s the last one – socialising with fantastic people you haven’t met before, who are equally or even more experienced and successful, inspires you to do more for yourself in all areas. You receive energy and a clearer perspective and opportunity to tap yourself on a shoulder and say: “Hey, you’re good, but you can do even better. You can share more, communicate better and learn a lot”…


Jovana Antović

Account Director (Represent Communications)

Jovana is a communication professional for more than 12 years of experience. As a former journalist, she launched her career within the agency and met the world of public relations from the basics. One highly experienced colleague once told her that PR is what "drives her truly", and she was 100 percent right!

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