A rookie and team building

Blog - Sep 25, 2019

A new circular email in the inbox, saying “Dear colleagues, please book your weekend for the Team Building event at the system level…”. The first thought of any rookie, including me, is – what to expect?

There are plenty of challenges for a rookie. Working with clients, crisis situations, campaigns requiring creativity can put new colleagues (not only in the company, but also in the entire area), in an unexpected and demanding situation. And that is when all the lights are on a key link of any business – the team.

Regardless whether you are getting to know colleges from your office, or getting to know colleagues that comprise, with you included, a big family, bear in mind that your relations with them will have a large impact on your career.

And thus, last weekend, the Represent System traditionally gathered us at the team building event, at Mt. Zlatibor this year. We heard plans for the future (and yes, IBIZA 2022 is still echoing in my head), we enjoyed a ride in a chairlift and on a bob sleigh, dared to take a zip line down, answered questions in a pub quiz and mingled at a party until late into the night. Rookies and veterans.

Impressions? Being a rookie at a team building event is more challenging than being a rookie in a team. Why? In large groups and companies with many employees, it is difficult to be remembered, find a topic for a conversation with colleagues who have known one another for years, send proper messages about oneself.

After slightly more than two years since I joined the Montenegrin team, and the recent first encounter with the colleagues from the region, I take the same important lessons that may be of value for new and future colleagues.

Be cordial and open in introducing yourself.

If a senior, seasoned colleague approaches you, or you’ve decided to introduce yourself, bear in mind that your charisma is exceptionally important. If you send good, positive vibrations, people will want to continue talking to you.

Be aware of communication rules in a team.

It is clear that you want all your colleagues to know who you are and what you are like as soon as possible. That’s why it’s important to take some time to just listen. You can learn a lot about the team when you pay attention to what your colleagues like to talk about, what they don’t talk about and what is important to share with the team. The team gets an impression about you and, at the same time, you get an impression about them.

Be grateful and stay “firmly on the ground”.

When you are surrounded by people who have far more experience than you do, who have set the pillars of good practice that you will use in building your career, do not lose yourself in over-confidence, because you are part of the same team. Be aware of your position and stay firmly on the ground.

Be optimistic.

No matter how hard your working day was, how (dis)satisfied you are with what you’ve presented, keep your optimism. It does sound strange, but when your colleagues feel your enthusiasm in every situation, all tasks will be easier for you to complete.

There is no manual for team rookies (even though it should), but these four tips definitely help you find your place in the team and at a team building event. And finally, no matter how much experience you gain at your working place, keep a rookie within you. There will be challenges, new circumstances that you haven’t encountered before, even when the years of your career turn into a two-digit number. Learn to always learn.




Ana Golubović

Account Executive (Represent Communications Montenegro)

Cannot live without a paper and a pen. When no writing PR copies, then she definitely draws or paints something. They call her the agency creative who drinks the highest volume of coffee per annum.

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