A summary of a challenging year. How to accept change even when we’re not ready. Why it’s important to be part of a good team

Blog - Mar 21, 2019

They say that “an entity for a good attitude towards work depends on interpersonal relations within an organization, which might be accompanied by an external or an internal system. The external system is defined by structure and technology, while the internal one refers to interpersonal relationships resulting from business cooperation and living together. Interaction is reflected in mutual activities within or outside an organization, namely in employees’ activities in regard to the core competence of the integral working environment or to some other issue”.

That’s what it sounds like when scholars define relations within an organization which has a common business goal as a system.

However, what these smart and educated people don’t write about in their books is how we all sometimes stumble easily in that process of accomplishing a shared objective… and how important it is in such situations to have a great team that will provide support and stand by you even when it is something that you actually don’t expect to happen.

Represent office in Banja Luka had a great 2017 and somewhat less great 2018. As 2018 was approaching its end, it was evident that the office’s ambitiously set objectives would not be attained. There is an entire range of reasons for that, justified and unjustified, subjective and objective ones. And, of course, the team’s motivation dropped, which was felt on a personal level as well. A failure as a component is never easy, especially when colleagues in other markets record one success after another. That’s when analyses, both business and personal ones, and a potential call to last actions come to stage, in an effort to record at least some result. In such situations, it’s very easy to enter a magic circle of rushing into some business ventures that are questionable in the context of future and the very survival of business. It’s easy, if you don’t have the team of people such as the Represent System behind you!

At one point, in the most difficult moment, all the energy of that entire team focused on getting a maximum out of a minimum. And we did it! We found solutions that were the best possible for us in the given moment. We’re those who give a key to success to our clients today and tomorrow for their future, sometimes even with no consideration for ourselves. But no one and nothing is left without consideration in Represent! Just like each of our clients is special and just like we approach every client as a separate challenge, looking for the best possible solutions for them, we also found a completely new direction for our young office and accepted the challenge brought by the future.

Much has changed in our business and yesterday’s complete and only solutions have suddenly become obsolete. The words such as “content”, “digital”, “engagement”, “SEO”… have emerged as our key and hot topics on a daily basis. PR has gradually been falling behind. (Our colleague Ena Maglić wrote about differences between PR and content marketing in her blog, and if you’re interested in that topic, read more about it here-hyperlink to Ena’s blog). And that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’ve turned to the market which is still unexplored, with exceptionally young people ready to be discovered and focused on the new have still not gained required credibility and we’ve boldly taken our course. And here we are now, on the right track of digital communications… there are so many things waiting to be presented to our clients. And, what’s highly important for us in small offices and in small markets is that a system such as Represent actually creates global change, devises new ideas and implements them in a sophisticated and seamless fashion. As a rule, such system is the unrivaled leader. And that’s what we really are. The leader in change, the leader because we have people who have exceeded their limits and are ready to tackle any new challenge. Even when it was really difficult. One success has followed another and we feel like we’re at the beginning of an amazing journey.

One’s success is everyone’s success – and that’s the strength of our team!


Bojana Radic

Director Banja Luka Office

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