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Represent Communications is the leading content agency in the Balkans.

We could tell you that integrated services and emerging trends are the future. But you already know that. So, we’ll be direct: PR is where we are considered masters of the trade. Digital is where we are headed. The journey is only possible if we educate ourselves, our clients, and the community.

With a decade and a half of experience, five offices, and countless campaigns under our belt, we have positioned ourselves as the regional benchmark in integrated communication services. We always have a good story to tell. And the next one might be yours.

Who we are

  • Helping clients since 2002.

    Started with two people, working from a appartment in downtown Belgrade with a vision to change how PR is done in Serbia.

  • People working currently:


  • Associates in touch with us:



  • Five offices in the West Balkan

  • Operating in
    4 countries

  • Video projects annualy



  • 100+ animated formats

  • 500+ different PR campaigns annually

As we live in the world of communications, let's be communication masters!

- Bora Miljanovic, CEO (Represent System)

Review our capabilities

Leadership — Mouse over can tell you who we really are

  • Bora Miljanovic

    Founder&CEO (Represent System)

  • Tamara Jokanovic

    Managing Director

  • Jovana Cakic

    PR Director

  • Emilija Zaevska

    Creative Strategy TXE Director

  • Ivana Bogdanović

    Digital Performance Director

  • Jelena Mikic

    Head of Development (Represent System) & Director Represent Academy

  • Ivana Cadjenovic

    Director Podgorica office

  • Natasa Bozinovska Mirkova

    Director Skopje office

  • Ena Maglic

    Director Sarajevo office

  • Bojana Radic

    Director Banja Luka office

Selected clients

  • Eurobank
  • Knjaz Milos
  • Roche
  • WizzAir
  • Erste
  • Frikom
  • Wienner
  • Roma
  • DHL
  • Delta Holding
  • Giz
  • Osce
  • Mlekara Sabac
  • Asseco
  • Neoplanta
  • Generali
  • PWC
  • Strauss
  • Nis
  • Apatinska pivara
  • The Spot
  • Ball
  • West65
  • Vip
  • Jubmes Banka
  • Delhaize
  • db
  • ProCredit Banka
  • Legat
  • Hemofarm
  • Holcim
  • Siemens
  • Carslberg Srbija
  • TeleGroup
  • AIGO
  • Telenor
  • MK Group
  • Envap
  • SAM
  • Simpo
  • Philip Morris
  • Nailed
  • Nelt
  • Jaffa
  • Lesaffre
  • Cocacola
  • UOS
  • Kneza Miloša
  • Schneider
  • Molson Coors
  • Hellenic
  • Filmbox
  • Metro

Let’s work together

Here at Represent Communications, we hold a passion for brilliant ideas and the execution that brings them all together in on the beautiful experience.