Award for professionals: By Tamara Jokanović for Karakter

Blog - Nov 12, 2020

In its latest issue, ‘Karakter’ magazine published a column written by the Represent Communications Managing Director, Tamara Jokanović. Here is the full version.

Perhaps all this is common for those into astrology and studying the effect of planet position on people – that October starts with the full Moon in Aries and then heads towards Mars and a square aspect with Jupiter, retrograde Pluto and Saturn. I have to PRofess that everything retrograde and affecting communication, interpersonal relations, behaviour, chaos, bad aspects these days  is somehow illogical, unexpected and untypical, to put it simply.

I PRofess. Perhaps I do expect a lot from people sometimes, because those more experienced than I am say that it’s the ‘catch’.

But, is it really too much to expect from a friend to ask you how you’re doing and to support you when things get rough; from a travel agency to inform you on time about trip details and procedures and from call operators to be polite; from private healthcare institutions to know what they do so that you get what you came for relatively quickly; in case of private insurance, to make an appointment; from all of us to behave in accordance with the business ethics code and keep our word?

I PRofess… perhaps it’s me…

Because how else to explain that every time you try to be a human, to be nice, when you absolutely play by the rules, when you’re PRofessional, when you’re honest, kind, in most cases everything goes wrong and nothing turns out as you expected…

I PRofess… perhaps I’m wrong…

Because how else to explain the madness these days and that only when you raise your voice, threaten or when circumstances and people get the worst out of you, there are no problems and everything can be done and everything is OK…

Ethics. In every segment of life. In every area. Particularly in those where you need that kindness, understanding and solidarity the most. In healthcare institutions, at work, in partner relations, friendships… and that is where it has somehow got lost. It is not hiding. Because how else to explain some forms of behaviour expressed in recent days?

Humanity. Man has become wolf to man, while people are social beings by nature. Is it possible that we don’t realize that we waste our time and try in a wrong way to get what we all actually yearn for? Support, consideration and understanding.

I know. I’m sure that many of you are now laughing, nodding, waving their hand and saying that I expect too much from people…

I know, because, I PRofess, I laugh often, too, but in a sarcastic and bitter tone these days. Because how else to explain non-acceptance of the basic principles of morally justified and ethical behaviour and humanity?

I don’t know… here, I PRofess…

But at the same time, I honestly congratulate all PRofessionals and all great people who, thank God, still exist! And I thank that for that!



Tamara Jokanović

Managing Director

A true lover of people, nice words and normal interpersonal relations.

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