Baka Prase is no longer at the throne of the YouTube scene in the Balkans

News - Jan 14, 2021

Baka Prase is no longer the most popular YouTuber in the Balkans. He was succeeded by an Omer Nadarević Omčo, who reached up to two million followers in that platform.

Who is Omčo?

Omer Nadarević was born in the city of Bihać in 1985. He has been a comedian for 20 years, but the actual fame came when he created a YouTube channel in 2009. According to him, the channel is ‘Krajina-style humour’. Omčo also launched Fat TV, a channel for foreign market, with 3.77 million followers. If you search for more information about him, you will mostly come across funny interviews.

Omčo is now followed by a total of 5.77 million on YouTube.

According to the data available, Omčo reached the incredible 386 million views per month, and in two years of Fat TVs existence, he has reached more than two billion views. Based on the current data and situation with the YouTube for ex-Yu countries, he might earn more ten thousand dollars per month.



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