Can master studies and a marketing job be combined?

Blog - Aug 12, 2019

Being a full-time student of master studies at a public faculty and working in a PR agency actually means having two jobs. To illustrate this, if we want to complete our studies as quickly as possible, this situation includes looking at a computer screen from 9.00 until 17.00 and then at another one from 18.00 until 22.00, for instance. Although university professors (at least at “my” faculty) are willing to adjust schedules of lectures or deadlines for turning in papers, a scope of activities is still wide, and the criteria are equally high for everyone.

When you work in a PR agency and are also a university student, you should take every opportunity to study and write, because you never know what a day at work or after it will be like. For instance, if an important event for a client is announced for after working hours, it is clear that there will not enough time, let alone energy and focus, to complete academic obligations. On such occasions, it is better to skip writing and studying on that day, get some rest and move further, than force yourself and thus accomplish absolutely nothing – I’ve learned that from my personal experience.

One thing is certain – the job is a priority at any given moment. Just like we manage our social life and family gatherings depending on it, we do the same with master studies. Yes, studies will take more time, it is a fact, but there is one which is more important: We can accomplish anything we want and advance in all areas, thanks to a combination of good organisation and even better focus and precisely defined goals. Good luck!


Kristina Maksimović

Account Assistant (Represent Communications, Serbia)

"Stagnating means going backwards." A journalist by profession, a Virgo/Capricorn, the youngest member of Represent

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