Censoring social media posts and constant algorithm change

News - Jun 21, 2019

Similarly to cigarettes, computer games and other forms of modern age addictions, you can get addicted to social media. Well, experts say that it’s much easier to say no to nicotine than avoid using some communication channel or quickly check what’s new on Facebook or Instagram.

Furthermore, most large global companies know that modern consumers are more online oriented. This is confirmed by so many paid ads popping up from everywhere all the time, teasers interrupting a YouTube or Facebook video… Ads differ to that extent that virtually anything may appear on a screen at any given moment.

Accordingly, Instagram has been experimenting with an algorithm for some time now, announcing, in addition to an option of removing unwanted ads, a different display of photos – without the info on a number of people who liked a post, all in the aim of re-shifting a focus from peer confirmation and competition, which all SoMe platforms have inevitably started promoting over time.

However, marketers say that it will pose a problem for sponsored posts. According to them, this algorithm change is a form of censorship.

Several years ago, Facebook users were disgruntled by negative news and crime reports constantly popping up. Many people complained to Facebook and the “hide” option was introduced soon afterwards. If you choose that option, it means that you do not want specific content to appear in the future, where you can either unfollow a specific page or stop seeing similar posts.

However, when creating a profile on this platform, users sign specific rights enabling them to be part of the system. It means that Facebook has the right to censor its news. And you know what? No matter how frustrating it is, Facebook has the right to be biased and change its algorithms as long as it does not breach the laws on data protection or the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Thus, if Mark Zuckerberg wished to promote fake news, he could do that. We have to admit and accept that it is Facebook’s platform, not ours. For instance, most content experts say that regardless of how often Facebook changes its algorithm, not every single ad will appear. There will always be room for short and long favourable content; quality and appealing copy will never disappear.

A key for marketing companies is to take steps and remain ahead of the censorship procedure in order to avoid being tagged, buried or removed from SoMe platforms they work so hard on. But how can you do that?

Three basic principles of keeping pace with trends

Invest constantly in education – Not matter how much money you spend on your staff education, it’s not enough. It’s simply never enough. The only way to stay relevant in the market is to apply a serious educational system and passion for improvement.

Everyone engaged in digital marketing of a company should also be ready to change in an instant.

If a company can build a great website or a mobile app to blow off the competition, although it seems that little can set new benchmarks today, then it certainly can handle censorship on other platforms. Algorithm change must not affect your ability to run side by side with the competition.

And finally, be aware of the fact that Twitter, Facebook and other SoMe platforms will continue to change forever. They actually do not owe anything to advertisers. Those companies will keep growing and turning into a need to run their business, just like you do with yours. They will not favour you just because you have paid and occasionally pay them for a campaign. And they should not.

In 20 years, perhaps Facebook will not even exist, or it will not be a social platform. As for Google, however, it is more likely to stay the same. Besides, advertisers have meanwhile realised that readership loyalty does not last. Everything changes every single day. It is necessary to explore new processes on a daily basis.

A way to disrupt and win against the competition and this so-called social media censorship will mean the adoption of a fresh, positive mindset. No matter how censorship is frustrating, it seems to be here to stay and in a way to regulate social media.


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