Changes in advertising – Facebook is introducing new brand protection features

News - Nov 22, 2019

Social media are constantly introducing changes, and this time it particularly refers to Facebook, which, after heavy advertising-related criticism, has decided to adjust to clients and enable them to decide where their ads will appear.

On Wednesday, Facebook announced new options, particularly focused on brand protection on SoMe. New tools have been created, enabling companies to gain more control over content placement, i.e. choose sites, apps and videos for advertising.

This decision is definitely influenced by client concern and strong criticism of Facebook after it was announced that this SoMe platform would not check and ban political ads due to the freedom of speech. Thus many companies felt unease about advertising on Facebook, as it was possible to relate their ads with irritable and inappropriate content, which would potentially threaten their image and lead to negative associations.

Clients have used block lists so far, but they have not turned out to be efficient enough, as it is simply not possible to list all the sites and apps they do not wish to be related to. A new protective option includes the so-called publisher whitelists, where all Facebook advertisers can list content they find appropriate and safe.

Despite all the problems and negative criticism, Facebook is still recording huge profit, even higher than in the previous period. A focus on brand and its protection is definitely a good strategy, bearing in mind that companies need to have advertising space on the most popular social network.




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