Creative professionals and creativity 2018/19

Interview - Mar 21, 2019

Emilija Zaevska, The Content Studio
“In 2018, we managed to prove that we were not just a PR agency, but a serious creative partner to our clients”

Creative directors are the heart&soul of all well-founded communications agencies. Read what Emilija Zaevska, Creative Strategy Director of The Content Studio, thinks about creativity here… in her interview with Nenad Danilović

Please rate and state your perception of your agency’s work in regard to creative contribution in 2018
In 2018, we managed to prove that we were not just a PR agency, but a serious creative partner to our clients. We succeeded in expanding our content portfolio, confirm creativity in the international market and attract super interesting clients and projects for this year.

Please rate results of the advertising sector in Serbia in 2018… Name the best local campaigns, with a rationale
I think that Vip definitely made a creative step forward with the Neo campaign, with Munchmallow – Story on Its Own and Nectar – 20 years It Does Matter having been equally creative.

If you think that creativity of advertising sector in Serbia should improve, please state your opinion and related suggestions
To begin with, I think that bad rhymes and covers of popular songs should be banned in 2019, although it is some kind of creativity :). In my opinion, not taking risks is still a downside of our market. Brands, as well as agencies, still play on the safe side of a generic story. I think it’s time to challenge all briefs where a target group description starts with: Jelena, 35, two children, like to travel…

What global campaigns or significant individual work drew your attention in 2018 and why?
Google made a super comeback for Home Alone (Again With Google Assistant), reminding us of our favorite childhood film, without too much philosophy, weight and promise. On the other hand, a slap to our reality came with The Indoor Generation campaign by Velux.

What would be your message to the peers from the creative industry in regard to enhancing creativity and a message to advertisers aimed at improving cooperation with creative agencies?
We’re all on the same side. More exchange of experiences, more respect among agencies, openness to new people in the advertising area and a little more courage with clients are great foundations for refreshing our creative society a bit.


Emilija Zaevska

Creative Strategy TXE Director

Concept-driven, digital native subject seeking for the next inspiring object to turn it into remarkable execution. Her latest challenge is Serbian market where as part of Represent Communication Belgrade, she works on content digital projects.

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