Crisis is part of the job, but it is us who manage it, not the other way around: LSPR from an attendee’s perspective Vol. 4

Blog - Nov 27, 2019

At a first glance, the most challenging LSPR topic. At a second one as well. However, in order to properly present crisis and crisis communication to us, Represent Communications Managing Director Tamara Jokanović said: “Crisis is integral part of business operations.”

The old anecdotal rule “prevention is better than cure” applies to crisis. Therefore, preparation for any potential undesired situation means we’ve done important part of the job. Namely, up to 70 percent (?) of crises can be foreseen. That is why it is important to take a proactive stand, learn as much as possible about everything we may encounter and what may potential tarnish the image of our company or our client.

In such moments, it is particularly important to pay attention to both news and circulating rumours, while remaining focused and calm. Perhaps the latter is a special challenge for many, because a crisis in itself provokes stress, but it’s also an important element of crisis management. Furthermore, it is a key to overcoming these situations: crisis should be managed, because, in addition to threats, it also brings various opportunities. That’s where we go back to the beginning and realise that it is really important to be – well prepared.

The second lecture, held by Jelena Trninić, Public Affairs and Communications Manager in The Coca-Cola Company, dealt with public and regulatory affairs, as well as their crises. This profession requires us to be constantly provided with relevant information and to apply strategic innovative thinking, aligned with circumstances in various areas of our activity. We need the deepest possible insight into the entire context in order to be an equal interlocutor and to successfully achieve business goals.

This week’s intense, specific and concrete LSPR lectures provided us with new perspectives and helped us go deeper in the PR world.



Kristina Maksimović

Account Assistant (Represent Communications, Serbia)

"Stagnating means going backwards." A journalist by profession, a Virgo/Capricorn, the youngest member of Represent

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