Good ideas and creativity will always be in fashion

Interview - Mar 21, 2019

The main topic of the 5th regional forum of communication leaders IZAZOV 2019, which will be held on March 25 and 26 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade, will focus on transparent and responsible business.
Following this occasion, we asked colleagues from agencies and companies what transparent and responsible business for them and why it is important for the market development?

Jelena Mikic, Head of Development of Represent System is answering this time.

What does transparent and responsible business represent for your agency? Why is it important for the development of the market?

It is respect for partners, respect for clients, respect for employees and respect for competition. Enabling the others one to learn when you are the best, and accept and praise when someone else does something better with dignity. Only by doing this, we can create fair conditions where quality wins.

In the context of market development, above all, we have to take care of privacy and protection if we want to do business responsibly – this is “quite a hot topic” , now more than ever, if we take into account large -scale global discussion on data protection, the regulations, the Laws that are being adopted. We will have to slow down with big data usage

What, in your opinion, will be the key challenges for the communications industry in 2019?

Going a step back and winning consumers hearts and minds through good and relevant content rather than targeting them through big data. Find the right people for certain tasks – it’s always a challenge. As a System, we work intensively on combining our teams at the regional level, thanks to which we can share the best knowledge and know how. There is a step further in the world – there are companies where employees have never seen each other in-live, as they sit on different continents. And this is a business model that is increasingly being accepted. And finally, good ideas and creativity will always be in fashion.


Jelena Mikić

Head of Development (Represent System)

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