Google introduces important change in search results

News - Sep 24, 2019

Google has announced changes in regard to search results, which will have an impact on top results when searching for a term or event. So far, its search engine has favoured the latest story related to a specific topic, but now Google aims to change it and present an original story on a topic on top or close to it, namely the story where such information was mentioned for the first time.

New information is reported by other media outlets as well, and over time the original story gets lost among other search results, so many people do not even get to read it.

Google is introducing this change primarily in order to protect the media and authors of stories – those that actually reveal a piece of information, a story or a survey of relevance for a large number of people, who will then share, download, copy it… Furthermore, when ranking search results, the search engine will also validate a source, namely credibility of the source of specific story, depending on the history of high-quality reporting, as well as awards that the media and journalists won.

The company has announced that it will constantly work on “better understanding of the life cycle of a story”, in order to provide users the most relevant information.




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