Google is designing a new social media platform after the failure of Google+

News - Jul 17, 2019

As giant Google failed with the Google+ platform and closed all accounts on it in early April 2019, followed by the official shutdown of this apparently too ambitiously devised SoMe platform, now’s the time for a new experiment. As reported by, a new social platform, Shoelace, is coming soon! Its key advantage is helping people socialise in person, rather than online.

Google employees believe they can create something different in this market. Thus they’ve developed this new app, Shoelace, within the Area 120, an incubator enabling Google stuff to experiment with new ideas and projects, reports.

According to the media, this time it is not a classic SoMe platform, where users post statuses, photos, videos and boast with selfies. Instead, this platform is focused on offline activities and connecting people with similar interests in person!

As the company has commented for the media, Shoelace is an “early experiment” and its reps are not willing to comment much on it. Initially, it will be available only to individuals in New York.

The app suggests events and socialising happenings based on users’ interests, so that they can go to a specific location and hang out with those sharing the same passion.

How does Shoelace actually work?

For instance, someone who has a dog and wants to meet owners of pets may organise a get-together and dog walking in a park, with the entire communication and arrangements executed via this app. The creators see a crucial advantage for users who move to a new city, where they don’t know many people – the app will be more than useful for them.

Shoelace is in its experimental phase, and more details are yet to be revealed.



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