How Instagram #hashtag changed the influencer game

News - Sep 17, 2019

Influencer marketing has gone a big and long way in its short, but turbulent history. When the Internet was still taking its position in regard to mass use, no one could have assumed that it would create a new and totally unimaginable profession before that: influence marketing.

Today, influencers are an integral and vital part of a marketing strategy of any business, project, or enterprise. As reported by Forbes, a local survey has shown that as much as 91 percent of 18-to-34-year-olds surveyed trust influencers’ recommendations.

Thus large companies have been allocating more and more funds for marketing and influencers from one year to another.

Although there have been major developments that have changed the influencer marketing game (such as an option of buying Instagram followers), there have also been smaller, seemingly less significant developments, which have actually had the equal impact on marketing. One of those developments is Instagram #hashtags. With recent changes and additional possibilities introduced by Instagram, the influencer game has been changed again.

It’s easier to become “influential”

It takes a lot of work to become influential; some may think that only people who were popular before Instagram and Facebook can be influencers. However, thanks to hashtags, it’s not the case. In fact, since hashtags can be searched on Instagram and linked to other relevant posts, virtually everyone can become an influencer if they use them well. It is important reach a target audience and thus collect engaged followers.

Micro-influencers create more opportunities

Previously, users who had several thousands of followers or more were considered influential. As #hashtags assumed an important position in Instagram marketing and became increasingly demanded and popular, it was easier for people in various niches to take over these roles, even with a small number of followers. Quality and volume are not always equal, so now there are different types of influencers – from those with only 1,000 followers to celebrities (more than five million followers).

Collecting followers has never been this easy

Just like companies, influencers also have their niche and target group. Thanks to hashtags, targeting a specific group of users has never been simpler. In the past, influencers had to find various ways to have their post seen by as many people as possible.

It’s easy to follow hashtags

Hashtags are connected by ideas or topics. When you click on a hashtag, you are redirected to a group of posts related to the same topic. Hashtags are searchable and you can choose to follow only those on Instagram. Therefore, good and adequate use of hashtags is crucial.

Hashtags call to action

The #MeToo movement helped influencers connect with their audience at a deeper level, by sharing their stories or expressing love and support for followers. Various campaigns, movements, groups can unite and spread the word if they create their hashtag. All activities related to a specific topic can be tracked via them.

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