How to overcome fear from public appearance?

News - Sep 25, 2019

Last Friday and Saturday (September 20-21), the two-day seminar “How to overcome fear from public appearance?”  was organised at the premises of Represent Communications. Our attendees came from different cities, areas of work and expectations, and gained much more they could have imagined!

Namely, the seminar was opened by psychologist Mia Popić, who revealed how an emotional state was related to behaviour, as well as that it was impossible to eliminate stage fright and that everyone experienced it. She underlined that it was a positive and healthy emotion, as long as it did not become destructive and paralysing, overwhelming us as a negative and unhealthy emotion. There are much bigger and worse problems than the irrational fear from public appearance, which we project in our heads.

According to the editor of RTS portal and a journalist of the national media broadcaster, Zoran Stanojević, we have to know which message we communicate in public and what it is that we want to say. It’s also very important to maintain one’s position and focus on what’s important, regardless of potential questions. We must never let a journalist imply what we want to say; instead, we always have to find a way to say what we came to say.

Actor and TV host Srđan Karanović focused on exercises and body language. The participants practiced with him their own examples of public appearance, as well as breathing, gestures, posture, tongue twister, tone of voice, etc.

The founder of the Represent System, Borislav Miljanović, PhD, talked about the media scene in Serbia and the relevance of digital. He covered social media and highlighted that everyone still paid for advertisements and had TV appearances, as it was a very popular form of promotion. He also talked about non-verbal communication and conduct and posture in a TV studio, including practical examples.

Paralympic Petar Milenković closed this autumn’s seminar with a story about focus, preparation and exercise for appearance, and their decisive significance for success.

In the end, we concluded that preparation was highly important, even crucial. When a person is prepared, then fear or stage fright is eliminated or diminished, as the person is confident and knows what s/he wants to say.

Our next seminar will be held in March 2020, so save the date on time! For more information, please click HERE.



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