How to persuade a disgruntled client that we know how to do our job even if a campaign failed?

News - Jun 06, 2019

In the world dominated by gadgets, phones, tablets, computers… in the world where everything is at disposal in an instant and is “two clicks” away… technological ignorance is simply unthinkable. However, it is still a major issue when it comes to selling a campaign or a product: despite all investments and skills, we never know how something will do. In cases when we fail in our intention, a client’s reaction may be so turbulent that it results in jeopardising years of successful operations and cooperation.

Sometimes results are far below expectations and then we have a problem. However, it doesn’t mean that people working on placing that product are technologically illiterate or that they do their job poorly, but that such stuff is unpredictable, no matter how certain we are that we figured out algorithms of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other SoMe platforms.

There are times when a client is so into an idea that it’s very difficult to explain that there are some better, more original and viral ways to place a desired campaign. Also, it is not good to follow a client’s lead with no questions asked, because if their ideas are bad and will most likely not reach desired results, we should try to explain and manage the idea properly to get the most of it.

All this happens due to growing expectations of consumers. We are witnesses that SoMe, various channels of communication, augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are still inevitably expanding and that we need to constantly explore and test their limits.

– The very essence of marketing has remained the same from the beginning– you need to understand your audience, deliver relevant messages, connect with them. That has never changed – say experts.

The only thing that has changes in the modern era is the promptness to act and monitor trends.

The power of the Internet is tremendous, providing us with an opportunity to connect more quickly with more people and enable consumers or customers to attain much more and go beyond their limits. In addition, no one can predict how far channels of communications will get in five years.

– It means that you have to create very agile, really flexible, technically sophisticated environments, which are able to respond to future needs of customers and keep up with them – highlight global marketing experts.


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