How to post the right information at the right place?

News - Jul 09, 2019

When placing a SoMe post or a website text, it‘s important to know that people only scan briefly through it. The same applies to ads – text position is crucial, since your message has to reach as many members of your target group as possible.

In order to best position your copy and have it reach end-users, it is important to place it in a way users read, namely see it. They “scan” rather than read – and it’s important that you know that. However, it does not mean that your content should be banal and mundane.

According to marketing experts, a central section of a text is most visible. Footer comes next, while header is the least noticeable. Arrange information accordingly and even skip some part if you don’t have much text.

Try to match your ad with these rules and results will be evident very soon.



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