Keep pace with trends: There is no career advancement without education

Blog - Oct 09, 2020

Dissatisfaction with a job, salary or colleagues, stagnation in a career and boredom at work happen more often than we can imagine. In fact, nearly all of us wanted a drastic change at some point in life. However, few dare to make a career shift, while others lack courage and are not ready for education.

– I couldn’t force myself to study again, follow lectures, either online or in person, do homework, it’s too late now, I have too many obligations… – are some of the comments. Nevertheless, the world around us is changing quickly, and any career advancement is virtually impossible without additional education.

Visionary employers always search for people who think about progress and growth, those wishing to have today more successful than yesterday. Those are the people who take steps in their career, and with support of the management in the company they work for, they have access to resources for expanding horizons and improving skills.

Surveys show that professional development and career advancement opportunities are exceptionally important for Millennials. Therefore, companies should focus their energy and satisfaction towards helping employees to become a better version of themselves. It is the only way for the company they work for to boast with good reputation and follow trends.

In regard to youth, particularly university students, they need to understand that, unfortunately, traditional education in the countries such as Serbia BiH does not offer a wide range of skills necessary for a multitude of options for a future job and career. That is why investment in building a professional you want is an imperative.

Let’s focus on the area of digital communications, where we feel ‘at home’. Work in the segment of digital skills has a huge advantage – you are not limited working for only one company, and it does not have to be a local one. As a profession in this area, you can offer your services via various platforms to the entire world and earn a lot.

For those who do not prefer a freelance status, education in the areas of content marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, production of viral content, photo and video material, creation and sponsorship of SoMe posts and other topics paving the road to an ideal job. And when in addition to all that they get an opportunity to learn from the best in their professions, listen to their successes, as well as numerous mistakes and omissions, which often serve to learn more relevant and memorable lessens, then they are on the right track to master exceptionally useful skills.

Whether you have a potential to create authentic content or just like original messages, by educating yourself about content, you dive into a special world with its own rules and tricks, useful tools and tips for work, enabling you to engage in the high-prospects profession with personnel in demand.

We in the Represent Communications agency are aware of all challenges, as well as opportunities provided to digital communications professionals, and thus we devised the Content Academy program, tailored to ongoing trends every year and gathering the most prominent lecturers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. This autumn again, despite the coronavirus pandemic and all of its consequences, we are working hard on expanding the community of digital communications experts and showing you the creative, yet profitable direction.

Join our educational programs. We will be pleased to learn together with you!


Adisa Pobrić

PR Manager (Represent Communications Bosna i Hercegovina)

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