Let’s (LS)PR! From an attendee’s perspective Vol. 1

Blog - Nov 06, 2019

Back at the university, as a student who opted for a career in PR early on, I knew that, beside practice, additional education about this world would be of vital relevance. Thus, based on carefully selected keywords, I found something called “London School of Public Relations”. It seemed like I found a portal to another dimension – it was all I ever needed! Techniques and tools, crisis communication, public appearance… This school could provide me with everything my inexperienced mind imagined, multiplied by 100. However, due to various circumstances, it “had to” wait for while.

Not much later, I became an attendee of the 27th LSPR generation, as an employee of PR agency Represent Communications, and thus my wish from the university days came true. The first lecture was given by brilliant Tamara Ivanković, an Account Director in Represent Communications, the person radiating love for PR, absolute understanding and knowledge of this profession. Tamara was in charge of explaining to us public relations basics and tools to use in specific situations. It was definitely not easy to answer questions about what to communicate, why, how, which title and key messages to use, whether anyone needs it, who that someone is and what if it’s not needed at all. However, although this seems impossible to explain without a textbook, LSPR were luckier. More precisely, they had an excellent lecturer.

We needed this lecture in order to start from the crucial thing – the very basics of PR. Depending on different experiences of attendees, it’s very important to establish good foundations. In addition to the basics, practical tips and precise data, numerous examples from Tamara’s 13 year-long experience in Represent supported everything previously presented to us in a systematic manner. What to do if Murphy’s law is at work during an event or how to turn something seemingly uninteresting into a good story – everything got its visual identity.

A full focus was evident throughout the lecture and therefore we can say that PR basics were successfully adopted!

Until the next lecture…



Kristina Maksimović

Account Assistant (Represent Communications, Serbia)

"Stagnating means going backwards." A journalist by profession, a Virgo/Capricorn, the youngest member of Represent

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