LinkedIn is the largest “business” base and is available to everyone – so use it

News - Aug 14, 2019

Many people don’t know about LinkedIn Pages, a giant niche that may contribute immensely to the image and quality of your company. The company has said that the latest generation and update of LinkedIn Pages has been done to make it easier for brands, institutions and organisations, as well as to facilitate constructive talks with the LinkedIn community.

Since end-2018, LinkedIn pages have had several new functions, helping companies connect with members, grow their business and build permanent connections more efficiently.

An option enabling a page administrator to post updates and reply to members’ comments has been introduced. In addition, a company can now link its page with hashtags and follow discussions on its brands, for instance.

Supported by all these options, a number of followers increases and a targeted, namely desired audience is attracted.

Furthermore, companies can now look for potential candidates for specific job posts and/or engagements there.

A big problem is that most companies and firms in Serbia do not understand the significance and advantages of LinkedIn.

The Life option provides a targeted audience with a personalised view of your company – organisation, culture and jobs via tailored modules, while the Jobs option enables all members to search job vacancies in your company and activate notices on such ads in the future.

LinkedIn is the largest labor market in the world and the sooner we start perceiving it as such, the more benefits we will experience in our business.



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