More than 500 participants in the two-day webinar “Launch knowledge for self-confidence”

News - May 28, 2021

As part of the Coca-Cola Youth Support Program, a two-day online webinar called “Launch Knowledge for Self-Confidence” was held, which, for the fifth year in a row, shows Coca-Cola HBC Serbia’s commitment to professional youth empowerment. During the two-day festival of knowledge, their business experiences, but also useful guidelines in career development, were shared by top experts from numerous fields, and they were heard by more than 500 young people, as many as participated in the webinar.

In addition to inspiring lecturers from Coca-Cola HBC Serbia Dragana Bojić, learning and development expert and Bojana Bolović, talent acquisition and development expert, young people had the opportunity to follow the lectures of Aleksandar Grašić, founder of the online Excel course “Microsoft Excel from start to advanced level on practical examples ”and Vladimir Popović, founders of Epic CV who explained the importance of first impressions and necessary knowledge in the process of finding a job. Psychologist Mia Popić and professional coach Stella Karl Ćosić spoke about building self-confidence and authenticity. Well-known blogger Anastasija Grujić and popular actor Ammar Mešić also spoke about their development path, and the participants could enjoy an interesting musical performance prepared especially for this occasion by DJ Dada Selectah.

Nina Elezović, Director of Public Relations and Communications, Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, pointed out that this webinar is another important event within the Coca-Cola platform for young people, by which company representatives want to encourage young people to fight for a job that they like, but also to help them on the path of personal and professional development.
“Through the Coca-Cola platform for young people, more than 4,000 unemployed young people have been empowered so far, and we are especially glad that we have continued with professional support during challenging times, in the online edition. The company shows that it truly feels the real needs of the community in which it operates and works to create a better and more prosperous society based on educated young people ready to learn and thrive. “During the pandemic, we did not give up education in the field of communications, personal development, interaction and networking, as well as many others,” said Nina Elezovic.

Dragana Bojić, an expert in learning and development at Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, said during her lecture that young people who work on themselves find their first business opportunity much faster. Bojana Bolović, an expert in the acquisition and development of talent at Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, also spoke about this. She emphasized that the ideal candidate does not have to be a person with rich work experience, but should convince a potential employer of personal qualities and potential.

Mia Popić, psychologist and therapist, emphasized that knowledge really leads to greater self-confidence, as the name of the webinar says, which is crucial for young people who want to take the first serious steps in their career. Stella Karl Ćosić, a professional coach and motivator, also emphasized the importance of education, noting that everyone should keep their curiosity and authenticity during the process.

From Vladimir Popović, the founder of Epic CV, the participants could learn how to write the best possible CV, and from Aleksandar Grašić, the founder of the online course “Microsoft Excel from beginner to advanced level on practical examples”, they received practical tips for solving tasks in Excel. Thanks to these lectures, the participants’ chances for employment were increased at the beginning.

The young people also had the opportunity to see and hear more about the career path of two popular young people – blogger Anastasia Grujić and actor Ammar Mešić, who gladly shared their experiences with the participants when it comes to career development and work on personal development.

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