New SoMe platform is coming: Virtual reality is becoming real

News - Sep 18, 2020

Several days ago, Facebook announced that it is testing a new SoMe platform, based on virtual experience. It is called ‘Horizon’, and it will have to undergo detailed tests and checks before becoming available to the general public.

‘Horizon’ is designed as a tool for establishing a community, a social virtual reality, where users can communicate and interact with the virtual environment.

Horizon invites you to explore an ever-expanding universe of virtual experiences designed and built by the entire community. Everything you see in Horizon, including the Plaza and worlds created by our teams at Facebook, has been built with the Horizon creation tools. In Horizon, you can build the things you want to see and places you want to visit –Facebook explained.

Facebook first announced ‘Horizon’ at its Oculus Connect event last September, when it presented the initial phases of the new platform.

In addition to games and top-notch experiences Facebook is working on, Horizon also tackles the social aspect and getting users used to time spent in digital worlds.

Once a user is in his/her personal safe zone, s/he can turn off, block or report people and content. So – every user creates his or her own world and moves through it. A big problem is cyberbullying, because VR will increasingly feel like the real, actual life. That is why comprehensive testing is necessary.

As Facebook underlines, the ultimate idea for such platforms is to enable teleworking and easier communication with colleagues. It is, however, the idea for a distant future.

‘Horizon’’s beta -version will be available upon invitation only, and if you want to apply for testing, click HERE.




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