Realtors ‘chasing’ clients on TikTok: Advertising revolution

News - Mar 12, 2021

A number of vacant apartments is on the rise, especially in large cities across the world. Realtors are trying to find a way to sell or rent them in order to survive in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The real estate industry aims to capitalise on the opportunity to adapt to changes imposed by the pandemic, and some of these changes may be revolutionary and make this traditionally outdated process more affordable.

That is where the controversial TikTok platform comes in.

According to the CNN, real estate agents are increasingly turning to this SoMe platform in order to reach younger clients, mainly 20-year old ones. TikTok is mainly used by Generation Z, so agents came up with an idea to offer a more detailed overview of apartments on the platform, and now future tenants can make virtual tours within minutes.

An additional benefit is that Generation Z should be thrilled by the idea of the preferred platform helping them in moving – something that was impossible before.

Realtors think that this is a good move.

Video is only one way of helping people – even those considering moving here – or simply feeling comfortable during the process – said Cash Jordan, a broker in New York City’s Union Square Property Management.

TikTok has an advantage over real estate pages because of its comment option, which may create a community and generate discussions about apartments. Last year, Jordan reached more than 540,000 followers on this app and said that the feedback to his video clips was ‘outstanding’.




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