Services / Public Relations

At its core, Represent Communications is a public relation agency. As the regional leaders, we have been at the forefront of incorporating new technologies and the emerging marketing trends into our services. But our future is shaped by the work we do today – helping our clients present themselves in the best possible way.

Getting you straight to the point

Strategic Planning

Every action requires a plan. We transform ideas according to audience expectations and turn them into feasible processes. Our strategic planning always aims to deliver a sustainable project supported by measurable metrics. It’s all about hitting the resonance with you. From there, it’s just one checkpoint to another.

Corporate PR and
Brand PR

Our clients are our partners. We base our cooperation on mutual trust, founded on the belief in each other’s competences. We understand and care for our clients’ business interests and translate them into proper communication goals. By personally identifying with the client’s needs and requests, we strive towards mutual success.


CSR is deeply rooted in our efforts. We try to make a meaningful impact with our clients and influence positive changes in society or become part of the solutions that lead to everyone’s well-being.

Media Relations

During the decade and a half, we have developed deep connections with the most relevant media representatives locally, nationally, and regionally. As such, we are in a perfect position to establish and maintain the relations between your company and the media. Whether you are looking for a steady media presence or require an emergency crisis handling through media, we have got you covered.

Event Management

We know how much a well-organized event can resonate with the right crowd. Our portfolio consists of press conferences, formal events such as round tables and large-scale business forums, and high-profile entertainment, like concerts and sports events. We’ve gained the eye for the detail, tailoring each event to the expectations of the audience. Our practical know-how can turn your event into an experience that is both welcoming and exciting.

Crisis PR

Always be prepared is a good motto for a reason. We do not wait for a crisis to emerge. Instead, we make contingency plans, develop crisis communication scenarios, and create buffer support before the situation demands it. And, if anything happens, we’re ready to act and react. Additionally, we provide PR training for our clients, ensuring thorough damage control.

Internal Communications

Developing and maintaining corporate culture is never an easy task – every company understands that. Each bit of communication must provide value that in turn unifies the people around the common goal. We help you create internal messages that drive your employees towards your vision and objectives. Hey, it makes water cooler talk much more pleasant!

Public Affairs

Professional public affairs are the right tool to get your voice heard by the right people. We conduct intelligence-led monitoring and analysis, stakeholder mapping and audits, coalition building, and management of targeted engagement programs. All with the purpose of helping our clients gain access to the decision-makers. After all, nothing means more than a good reputation.

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