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Blog - Sep 04, 2020

The crisis caused by coronavirus has somehow affected tourism the most. The choice of countries where citizens of Serbia can go on a holiday is quite restricted and in some cases a negative PCR test is required. All this has put tourism on thin ice, which is on a verge of cracking. Some agencies intensified their SoMe activities in order to present the actual situation at destinations to potential passengers.

Everything seemed perfect at the Tourism Fair in February, with coronavirus perceived as happening somewhere else, in the remote China. Agencies already approved summer discounts, with a list of passengers counted in thousands. Plans for the summer 2020 failed in mid-March, but there was still some hope that everything would go back to the way it used to be by the summer season. But that as not the case!

Yuta (Association of Travel Agencies of Serbia) says that the demand is low, in accordance with travel restrictions.

A limited number of seats in planes and financial capacities of interested parties are the main issues. At this point, only 30 to 35% of the expected number of tourists are vacationing at destinations, accounting for slightly more than 7% of the projected number of passengers abroad compared to last year. It means that our turnover dropped by cca 92% against last year – says Yuta director Aleksandar Seničić.

Agencies say that a holiday this year does not differ much from previous ones. The entire situation has changed only the safety measures when boarding a plane because face masks had to be worn, and there has to be physical distances at beaches and restaurants. Meals are no longer buffet-based and there is a person in charge for serving food instead. 

Dušan Atanasov, Big blue operations director

SoMe are carefully searched before travel

Most clients of the Big Blue agency opted for a holiday in Antalya and the Aegean area, as well as in Hurghada and the newly opened Sharm el Sheik. As a rule, when choosing a destination for this year’s holiday, tourists check SoMe first, which confirms their great influence in this situation.

Since SoMe are currently one of the most popular channels, we invest a lot of effort and energy there, striving to present the current situation at travel destinations, with or guides helping us by sending photos from the spot on a daily basis and passengers who share their photos and clips with us. Potential travellers respond very positively to our posts and stories. We earned new followers very quickly, because they want timely information. Some passengers to Turkey said to our reps upon arrival that they were delighted by our posts, which helped them decide whether to go on a holiday this year or not – says Dušan Anastasov, operations director Big blue.



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