Switzerland’s largest party accuses: YouTube censors and violates freedom of speech

News - Oct 21, 2019

Due to a breach of the terms of use, namely hate speech, YouTube blocked a video clip with ominous music and a bloody national flag of Switzerland in the background, accusing migrants of numerous crimes in Switzerland.

YouTube removed the video clip due to encouraging “to hate”, as it criticises alleged crimes committed by Eritreans in Switzerland. The clip was posted by Switzerland’s largest party, UDC, which condemned the “censorship” of this social media platform on Thursday.

The video posted at the profile of the Zurich-based chapter of the UDC, an anti-immigrant populist party, describes violence allegedly executed by Eritreans, claiming that they are not “real refugees”, because they are not threatened in their homeland.

“YouTube is blocking our video clip. We think it is censorship and an attack on the freedom of speech,” warned UDC’s chapter from Zurich on Twitter.

Since 2013, the UDC has been the largest party in Switzerland. At the parliamentary election on October 20, it is likely to win again, opinion polls suggest.

The clip lasts 1 minute and 26 seconds, with ominous music and a bloody national flag of Switzerland in the background. It mentions “knife stabbings, rape, violence, abuse and delinquency,” which the UDC attributes to Eritreans.

YouTube has announced that it has “removed the video clip because it violates YouTube’s rule on content promoting hate”. This is not the first case where YouTube reacts with censorship, and there have also been cases when the platform featured inappropriate ads for children. For more information about it, click HERE.

(Source: Hina)



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