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News - Aug 12, 2019

20 years ago, no one could have assumed a direction that the Internet and Google development would take, or how post visibility on this search engine would be important.

Google generates around 63,000 searches per second, which is more than 5.6 billion inquiries daily, according to Since 2000, this number has jumped by as much as 99 percent! Between 2002 and 2012, the relevance of Google grew drastically from year to year, and since 2012, this growth has stopped – Google simply became so big that it virtually has no room from growth anymore – no matter how hard it is to imagine. More than 78 percent of the Internet users in the world use Google for all searches, with Google as their homepage, and do not use any other search engine.

How does Google work?

Google classifies found results and presents them in a specific order it finds relevant. Now, every client wants their copy or a copy about their activity/product to be the first among the search results and often does not understand why it does not just happen. That’s where link building comes into play.

As the most relevant answers to an inquiry appear on the first page of results, Google has become a key filter of important and less important information and answers.

What many people don’t know is that the position of a specific website on Google is not random; it is a consequence of strategic activities, often with a large team of people behind them. Also, there is an option of ad payment, where specific content is the first in its search criteria, but here we are talking about organically well positioned content.

In this case, external links, i.e. links from other sites directing a visitor to your site, are very important. It is necessary to build that network. Linking confirms to the search engine that specific content is relevant and important, and thus Google will “move it up” on its list of requested results.

Naturally, the first two or three places will be taken by paid posts, but your post will definitely be right under them, if it is linked and related to relevant and targeted content in the best possible manner.

Due to a tough competition, link building includes a proactive approach: a combination of various strategic SEO activities and smart use of keywords in a specific time period. It may lead to significant improvement of your position on the Google results page, and thus to higher brand visibility and recognition. It is about link building on sites of relevance for your area of activity.

It is true that no one knows in detail how Google actually works in practice – all the above are previous observations and conclusions of more experienced users, based on long use and analytics monitoring.

Furthermore, many ranking factors are intertwined and it’s very difficult to clarify what exactly has led one post to be the first and some other to be the third on Google.

Link Building

When it comes to link building, the following strategies are commonly used today:

  • Posts with strategic links on other sites
  • Promotion of such posts (further content spreading) to make them as visible as possible

Don’t forget to pay attention to which site your copy is posted on! The answer is not in posting as many copies as possible at any cost – in this case, quantity must never be more important than quality!

A link builder is a person building a link, strengthening a brand and positioning content on Google in the best possible manner.

The most successful link builders are also good psychologists, as they know how to approach individuals of various profiles and win them over, namely make them actually post a copy with a link included.

There’s no doubt that link building activities are an increasingly important segment of advertising and digital marketing.



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