The International Week of Happiness at Work started: Satisfied employee = success

News - Sep 21, 2020

Happiness is a crucial factor of work, and work is definitely a factor necessary for complete happiness. According to a multitude of surveys, sappy people work more hours every week – even in their time off.

Let’s be honest: a general attitude towards job is that no one ‘loves’ to work. But, we needed it for normal life and for making money for basic needs and little pleasures. So, we all have to work – and a happy employee is the best employee, as proven so many times.

Do you know that there is a week-long holiday that facilitates happiness at work? The International Week of Happiness at Work refers to re-establishing at a workplace. If a job is part of our daily life, one of the best ways to live more happily is satisfaction at work. Whether you work for a big corporation or a small business, you can always find happiness if you do something that interests you and that you find appealing.

The International Week of Happiness at Work was initiated by Maartje Volff and Fennande van der Meulen, two Dutch women who set up Happy Office 2015. This company offers a program enabling you to ‘infiltrate’ happiness in a workplace, so that you can have happier employees. Happy Office combines research and studies from the best European universities with the knowledge of professionals in various areas in order to help every organisation in assessing problems, so that every employee can do their job and be satisfied.

The holiday has become an initiative for getting people from all over the world together so that they can be happier at work.

What would you do for your employees and how would you generate team spirit and happiness of coming to work and completing daily tasks? If you communicate your activities on SoMe, don’t forget to use the hashtag #internationalweekofhappinessatwork and to make a difference against your competition 🙂



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