The Washington Post expands to Europe and Asia: Jobs for more than 1,000 journalists

News - Jan 27, 2021

The Washington Post, a reputable US daily, announced on Monday that it was opening offices in Europe and Asia, thus increasing the number of journalists to more than record-high 1,000.

With this international expansion, the daily, owned by Jeff Bezos, a multibillionaire and the owner of Amazon, since 2013, stands out in the US media landscape, hit strongly by the economic crisis, as most media outlets aim to cut costs and switch online.

The daily hopes that it will increase the number of its Internet subscribers and compete with the New York Times with a minimum of 1,700 journalists and focuses particularly on its readers abroad.

The Washington Post will also open new offices in Sidney, Australia, and Bogota, Colombia, and thus the total number of its international branches will rise to 26.

The editorial office will employ 44 new people, and the number of employees will rise to 1,010 journalists, which is the record-high number since 1877. This is the worst year for US media since the 2008 economic crisis, when 14,265 people were sacked.

Source: Hina


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