Three tactics for upgrading your marketing

News - Sep 17, 2019

In a myriad of products competing for customers’ attention, marketing activities are becoming increasingly difficult to execute. Fortunately, there are some things you can do in order to gain advantage over your competition.

  1. Well defined message

If you ask business owners about their marketing message, many will struggle to find the answer or will give a wrong one. A good marketing message draws attention of your potential customers, says how you solve their problems and explains why they should select you against the competition.

  1. Short video

With the current market developments in mind, you always have little time to persuade a user to try your product. No copy can explain and depict a product better than a video. It’s very simple to watch a video – users don’t have to read and think about a copy; instead, they immediately “locate” and “scan” everything they are interested in while watching it.

  1. Developed support and feedback mechanism

Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, says that the first time you should “embarrass “yourself and that there is nothing wrong with it. Based on users’ feedback, you will decide where you are wrong, what is not good and what should be worked on more. Therefore, a good support system is necessary for a marketing team of a product. You need a system of influencers, who will spread the information about your campaign/product on SoMe platforms.

Whatever the results, they will help you in further development of plans and a strategy.



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