TikTok drama is over: Here’s the destiny of the Chinese app

News - Sep 21, 2020

After the summer drama with the TikTok app, its ban in India and the announced bans in America, US president Donald Trump approved a an agreement allowing TikTok to be used in the USA, thanks to a new company, TikTok Global, run by the Americans.

Trump said that he approves the agreement between Oracle and TikTok, which may also include Walmart, the Guardian reports.

They have my blessing – said he to the press.

He said that the agreement guarantees ‘100% security’, after the US officials expressed fear in regard to the access to user data by the Chinese authorities.

On Thursday, the Reuters reported that TikTok Global will have a majority of US executives, a US executive director and a US security expert.

Trump said that TikTok Global will be fully controlled by Oracle and Walmart, and that it will be headquartered in Texas.

The company allegedly agreed to donate USD4.2 bn to an education fund in the USA.

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