Travelling makes you happy, and writing about it makes you even happier

Blog - Jul 23, 2019

When choosing a travel destination, I’m sure that you search Google, check photos and experiences at TripAdvisor, read travel journals… Placement of such content is the main tool for boosting sales of travel arrangements.

Personal experience of a travel writer is priceless, because you get first-hand information about a targeted destination, including description of beaches, intensity of waves, accommodation conditions, food offer, sunbed prices, most beautiful places for taking photos, prices of excursions, car renting, etc.

That is why many travel agencies, popular hotels, spas and wellness centres offer visits to specific destinations to journalists, bloggers, YouTubers and influencers, who then report at length about their experience in order to make tourists choose that destination.

And that’s the future of selling travel arrangements, because people generally like impressive photos on social media, effective videos and great travel journals online. The impact is so strong that they can imagine themselves at a particular location while reading about it, which will make them go and book an arrangement.

This article will focus on writing travel journals, and if you think that this “ancient” profession has become extinct, it’s not. It has just adapted to new, digital circumstances, because today’s travel writers share their travel experiences on social media, write blogs, etc.

There are several “tricks” for writing travel journals. First of all, articles need to be interesting and useful, so that your readers don’t start yawning at the first paragraph and fall asleep in the middle. The trick is to tell your story, rather than repeat what has been written over and over again.

Do not burden your article with redundant information, because then you’ll have a piece of writing overfilled with tiresome details. The story should flow seamlessly and be easily comprehensible.

Pay attention to titles, because they need to make people interested enough to click on your article and read it. Eye-catching subtitles are also welcome, in order to intrigue people to read the article through.

A special focus is on photos that accompany your article. They definitely mustn’t be small and blurry, and need to be made in high resolution.

Make sure that you always post your own photos, and if you use someone else’s, always ask for an author’s permission. If you get one, don’t forget to put his/her name.

In order to have as many readers as possible, promote your article on social media.

A small tip before you start writing: Bear in mind that travelling is an easier part; writing is about it is a more difficult one.


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Media Advisor (Represent Communications, Beograd)

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