Underage influencers in France cannot spend money they earn

News - Oct 12, 2020

A new law protecting young social media stars, which regulates working hours of those under 16 and their earnings, has been adopted in France. This law will include the right to be forgotten, meaning that platforms will be obliged to remove content at a child’s request. Popularity of kid influencers has been growing rapidly in recent years and they often earn a lot from their online ‘work’.

The change will make France the pioneer in the rights of kid SoMe stars – said an MP behind the draft law, Bruno Studer, for Le Monde.

The new law, adopted unanimously on Tuesday, does not refer to all children on social media platforms; instead, it is focused on those who spend a lot of time there and whose work brings profit. Their income will be deposited at a bank account and kept there until they turn 16.

Companies wishing to employ child influencers will have to obtain a permit of local authorities.

According to Forbs’ data, Ryan Kajo earned the most from the YouTube platform last year, when he was eight, with his channel for toy reviews earning 26 million dollars.




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