Wellness marketing strategy as the future of healthy business

News - Jul 09, 2019

If we perceive marketing as a “generous act of helping others become exactly what they want to be”, then the greatest award and satisfaction is when we succeed in turning these people in “the best version of themselves”. Our job is to help them be exceptionally satisfied with their work performance, as well as achievements of their product, while instructing them in finding their own way of directing and developing their campaign.

The 2018 Global Talent Trends survey shows that most employees want to focus more on their company’s wellness, stating that it requires physical, psychological and financial wellness. Because when we talk about “health as such”, not only does it refer to the situation when we feel well and have no cold or a virus threatening to tie us to bed, so that we can work 24/7 on the execution of a campaign, but also to the harmony of mind, body and soul, and that is the point. All those working for you, especially people engaged in a creative process, should achieve that harmony and perform professional tasks in peace and with no tension. Only then will results be the most positive and successful.

For marketing brands, the company sending a positive message about wellness may be more attractive to a significantly higher number of clients. The wellness business model, where everyone is equally satisfied and efficient, is on the rise and is soon to become a cornerstone of the contemporary business culture and a foundation of social dialogue.

Wellness business is the future

Wellness marketing refers not only to posting ads in pastel and gentle colours with exceptionally calming messages. An example of the brand which successfully applies the wellness strategy in its operations is Monzo. They regularly explore mental health issues and operate with verified credibility, since they work with the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute in order to help in communicating the market and their services.

And finally, it is important to consider channels for distributing a message. Safety is crucial.

Even if means allocating a lot of time to a time-consuming, difficult process, with a detailed control of distribution and product placement, in order to achieve a desired objective, self-awareness is vital for placing a message in an authentic manner. And to reach such communication model, it is necessary that everyone does their job.

Wellness should go beyond becoming part of your communications and corporate conduct. Just remember to really implement what you preach. Quality communication and true understanding of employees, s well as genuine care about them, are crucial for any success.


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