WhatsApp postpones announced changes, users still looking for alternatives

News - Jan 19, 2021

After WhatsApp announced changes in the privacy policy and thus challenged the trust of users worldwide, many people started looking for alternatives to this messenger app. Thus Signal and Telegram are recording a huge increase in the number of new users. But, let’s start from the beginning.

It was initially announced that, as of February 08, this app would share various types of data with other companies and services also owned by Facebook. The new changes are totally opposite to the terms of use the company promised back in 2014, after it had been acquired Facebook.

Thus users could define in settings how their data would be used. With the new announced changes, if they do not want to allow personal data use within WhatsApp, they will have to delete the app.

Now WhatsApp has informed that the change in the terms of use is postponed to May 15, due to severe criticism in regard to breaching privacy and sharing ser data with Facebook, as well as a mass migration of users to Telegram and Signal, which are registering an unprecedented leap.

WhatsApp has attempted to contain the damage with the information that the new update will not affect more data being shared with Facebook, and that it is focused on assisting other companies to communicate better with clients through that platform. Conversations and correspondence, as well as a location and an address book, will allegedly continue to be encoded, but users have simply lost trust.

Signal has recently announced that it is planning to hire more people in order to expand services and infrastructure. Telegram is a Russian encrypted app recording growth in the number of users, which has currently reached 500 million active users in the world.

More than a half of Americans have downloaded Telegram in only four days, after Donald Trump’s Twitter account was disabled and the Parler app removed. Thus Telegram has become the second most popular app in the USA, because Americans are looking for an alternative to large corporate social media, reports.

Telegram, a SoMe platform and service for safe text exchange, created in Russia, was downloaded 545,000 times between January 06 and 09, or three times more than in the same period last year, FoxNews reports.

Telegram won 25 million new users in 72 hours, said the owner of this platform, Pavel Durov.



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