WhatsApp won’t work on all devices as of February 01

News - Jan 21, 2021

Whatsapp, one of the most popular messenger apps in the world, stopped working on Windows phones in January, and the same will happen with Apple devices as well.

As a major app update is announced, it means that older versions of Android and i iOS operating systems will no longer have access to the app as of February 01.

The company explains this move with the fact that a selective choices of devices where the app with operate is necessary in order to ensure user security and appealed to users to update OS on this mobile devices to the latest versions.

Thus specific app functions will stop working as of February 01. WhatsApp won’t work on iPhone devices using iOS 8 or an older version.

iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5/ iPhone 5s/ iPhone 5c can be updated to iOS 9 and the app will work, whereas iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 and older cannot.



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