Why are native campaigns “expensive”?

Blog - Jul 19, 2019

“Oh, that’s really expensive!” – This is a frequent reply of a client when, after a meeting and all the explanations, we submit a cost estimate for the launch of a successful native campaign. That’s why I’ll try to explain what is included in a cost estimate and how.

How to reach your target group?

For quite some time now, all brands and clients have been aware of the fact that few people read ads. Furthermore, there is no method of calculating how many people have seen TV commercials. People usually get up when commercials start, because they take up to 10 minutes. During that period, you can wash dishes, put your laundry to dry, finish something. Right? On the other hand, who watches TV nowadays and does it include your target group?

At a recent workshop, attended by individuals of various ages, I’ve asked how much they watch TV. Millennials have promptly said that no one watches TV anymore, only retired people. I’m not sure that’s quite true, because the middle-aged generation (35 – 50) watches films or series at least. From that perspective, commercials in this type of media make sense, but habits and interests of the target group have to be taken into account.

People are already using ad blockers and banner blinders to a large extent, because they don’t want to be distracted by something blinking or popping up while reading interesting content. Like me, many people leave sites with too many pop-ups, some of which cannot even be closed and leading to a related landing page instead.

How to get your message through the content jungle?

Recent surveys have shown that human attention span is decreasing. It used to be 10 seconds, then 5, and in 2018 it spiralled down to 3 seconds, while today thumb attention – time necessary to swipe across the mobile phone screen – is used as a parameter.

So, in order to attract attention of an existing or potential customer/client, you need to know the following:

– What message you want to send
– Who an ideal person you target is (habits, interests)
– Which keywords are important for your brand/company
– Which channels are best for communicating a message
– Which type of communication tone you want
– Which visuals are best for specific content and communication channel
– Which colours to use in visuals
– Which type of video content to create and where to place it

Why native is an “expensive” service?

We have finally reached the last, but often the most important question. Well, here’s the answer.

When your car breaks down, do you choose a good or a cheap car mechanic? When you get to the best, do you ask them to cut the price?

The same applies to any type of service. You expect ROI from native advertising, but you don’t expect it from the mechanic. Therefore, paying for native campaigns should be perceived as an investment, rather than an expense.

Yes, it takes various types of knowledge and creativity to reach your target group with a message. And that knowledge and creativity cost money! An idea and content production (copy, infographic, video) cost money, because a good idea and topic research require knowledge, experience, time and a lot of work. When a client says that others offer the same service at a lower fee, it’s their choice whether they’ll take the best and get results, or waste less money.

Which mechanic would you choose? Picture 1 or Picture 2?

Picture 1:

Picture 2:


Knowledge, time and effort invested in creating native copy also cost, because only a journalistic approach to a topic and message that the client wants to send can bring results. Only such copy will have sufficient reach and engagement, with readers really understanding the values that the client/brand advocates.

Posts on portals also cost money! If you take into account that posting of one native copy on PREMIUM portals costs up to 1,000 euros, with the production of content to be placed excluded, there is the answer. In order to have visibility on Google Search Engine, in addition to mandatory SEO, you need to have copies with keywords on the most popular portals, because Google is not good at recognising small portals.
Time is money! Spend it wisely, invest in efficient solutions.


Brand awareness, employer branding, CSR or some other type of campaign cannot be achieved overnight. It is necessary to produce an annual (3 to 4 months at a minimum) strategy for a native campaign that will accomplish all KPIs of the client/brand. Let your marketing team invest in a native campaign and you’ll have multi-fold returns.



Dejana Videnović

Native Advertising Manager

She has spent more than 20 years on radio, television journalism, where she has gone all the positions - from journalistic - reporter to editorial and authorial, Dejana has grown up in the most logical continuation of journalism - Native advertising. The storytelling talents will be the best communicate of the message of the client / brand at this digital time. And if everything is accompanied by interesting visuals - the success of the campaign is guaranteed. Go Native!

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