Why is Pinterest least interesting for us?

News - Sep 27, 2019

Pinterest is the platform with the lowest number of users in Serbia. Far ahead of it are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and growingly popular Tik-Tok. Pinterest is a SoMe platform where users can create their profile via a Google account or log in via Facebook.

This platform is based on making photos and, to a much lower extent, GIF animations and short video clips. Even though Pinterest was established in 2009, it recorded the highest growth from September 2017, when the platform has as many as 200 million active users.

Ben Silbermann, the founder of this company, has described Pinterest as a “catalogue of ideas that inspires users to do something, rather than an image-based SoMe platform“.

Pinterest enables users to store and categorise images on various “boards”, as well as to follow other users’ boards.

Content can also be found outside Pinterest and pinned to a board using the Pin It button, which, since you are a user of this platform, appears on any image you open online.

Similarly to Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest now provides sellers with access to data collected on its users. By approving access to user data, Pinterest allows sellers to survey how people react to products. If a product has a high rate of positive pinning, it generally indicates that the product is in high demand and that it is liked by many members of the Pinterest community. Companies can also see users’ comments and thus learn why people like or dislike a specific product. A 2013 study on Pinterest practice showed that re-pinning was the most popular activity of users, followed by likes and eventually comments.

So, Pinterest is useful for everyone, including companies selling/presenting a product and “common people” who look for an inspiration for home decoration, new haircut… virtually anything. Pinterest is a treasure box of ideas. However, experts agree that this platform is insufficiently used in Serbia for business purposes.

People should consider developing a profile on this platform, especially if their business can be presented to users in a creative manner, and even more so if their business is in its developing phase – this platform can represent a huge advantage.


Pinterest has a search option, making it much easier for users to navigate.


If you like someone’s pins, you can start following that user/profile. Furthermore, you can follow some lists you find relevant.


It remains unclear why people do not use this platform more or why they do not use it at all. It is also true that when someone advertises a brand and mentions official pages, there is no reference to Pinterest. Facebook and Instagram profiles are usually those that people are referred to. However, it’s good to know that there is huge, unused space and potential on this platform.


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