YouTube cancels Rewind 2020: We are the authors of everything positive

News - Nov 20, 2020

A traditional overview of a year through clips of the most interesting and important events in the area of video content, YouTube Rewind, has been cancelled this year.

In early December every year, YouTube releases a video summing up that year.

YouTube says that this year has been different and that it doesn’t feel right to carry on as it weren’t. Therefore, this year it will skip the tradition launched since 2010 and it will not create an overview of the best and most relevant moments that marked the year.

After the feedback received for its Rewind last year, and particularly the year before that, it seems that this is perhaps the best solution at the moment. In the beginning, this complied video created by YouTube represented an interesting overview of events and content made by professional YouTubers.

In 2018, however, the company decided to make some changes and include in Rewind content that people never heard about, skipping renowned content creators. Thus it obviously took a wrong turn, making both YouTubers and viewers angry. YouTube Rewind 2018 became the video with the highest number of dislikes in the history of this video service, 18 million such reactions now.

Last year, it decided to fix the damage as much as possible, adding to Rewind only scenes from the videos with the most likes, thus creating a kind of ranking list of the most popular, interesting and viral content of the highest quality. This attempt was also not received very well, with more than 9 million negative reactions so far.

This year, YouTube does not want to take any chances, saying that users are actually the creators of everything positive happening this year (despite the adverse consequences in the world), and that the company – at least year – will not interfere.




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