10 trends in content marketing: These things are crucial for success

News - Jan 31, 2020

Most companies think that website design and short text production are the prerequisites for successful operations, good promotion and a large number of clients. However, it’s not true in real life and that’s where content marketing comes in. The aim of content marketing is to advertise your site through free-of-charge sharing and posting of educational articles, containing a lot of useful information.

Such information may influence the way your site visitors perceive your products or services. It sets readers in action, namely buying. Whether you are a big or a small company, you have to have content marketing, and therefore we’re presenting 10 most relevant trends in this marketing segment:

  1. Micro-content

Focus on little things that will say “thank you’ and “come again” for you. In most cases, it refers to small changes on new images, a new photo frame or a branded stamp.

  1. Diverse content

It’s highly important to adjust content to your audience, as it is exceptionally diverse and cannot be reached by applying a single approach. Therefore, it’s vital to create original content, tailored to a selected target group, not everyone.

  1. Timeless content

Changes occur all the time and some are possible to predict, while others are not. That’s why it’s important for all tips to be designed in a way that they can be applied at any time of day or night, at a time of crisis and at a time of prosperity.

  1. Specific perspective

When presenting content, it’s important to provide your original and unique perspective.

  1. Short video

Video has become a must-have, especially in the 15 sec format, as it grabs attention and may present a real sensation in the eyes of a viewer.

  1. Live report

Popular live reports represent a way to connect with customers so that they feel special because they with their favourite brand at a moment of relevance.

  1. GIF and AR filters

These are a BOOM in digital marketing. You’ve probably noticed that GIFs and filters are liked by children, older people and even pensioners. Constant adaptation to new trends provides us with a wide range of application.

  1. Voice content

Imagine asking Google for anything related to digital marketing and it offers services of your company exclusively?

  1. User-generated content

User-generated content brings free content, saves money and creates value added for other users.

  1. Influencers

Everybody is already familiar with the concept of a group of influential people called influencers, and recommends collaboration with them.




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