5 excellent free services for newsletter design

Blog - Oct 01, 2020

Needless to say, newsletters are important – e mail marketing is an exceptionally relevant communication channel, regardless of your line of business. It is an integral segment of a communication strategy of every successful business, company or organisation.

Newsletter is the best way to regularly inform your user base about latest developments regarding your job or business, offers, etc.

A contact list grows slowly, but once you collect a certain number of addresses and create a mailing list, benefits will start pouring in. Therefore, it is essential to establish a good and strong network of contacts first.

LinkedIn is one of the ways to do it – on this platform, you can create a filer per education, job, interests, and thus collect mail addresses of the people who are interested in what you or your organisation has to say.

Also, the email addresses in your corporate base – former and current associates, clients, people you communicated with in relation to work… check with them if it is OK to occasionally send them notices pertaining to your business and operations which you aim to place externally.

There are many newsletter design software solutions. Each has both advantages and disadvantages, we recommend the following five:

  1. MailChimp
  2. BenchMarkemail
  3. SendinBlue
  4. MailerLite
  5. ReachMail

They are free up to a specific number of addresses or days, and after trying them out, you can decide whether you will pay for some of them that suit you. They are very simple to use and include campaign analytics, so you can monitor results.

Furthermore, there is the option of winding campaigns winding and calculating the best timing for yours, in accordance with activities of your contacts and a rate of mail opening and reacting to them.



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