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Interview - Jun 01, 2020

The new platform My Master Lab, launched by Represent Communications, is designed as a “bridge” that connects top U.S. experts in areas such as Machine Learning, AI, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Applied Leadership, Storytelling and Sales Pitch Construction and enthusiasts from the region, and the ultimate goal is to develop great ideas in successful companies. The support program provides training in the form of education, support and mentoring. The program is unique in the region, and the idea is to one day unite and network the whole world.

Five top experts in their fields will selflessly invest their time, ideas, knowledge and experience that are lacking in order for the business to progress. One of the mentors is Dr. Kurt Jefferson, dean of Spalding University in Kentucky, a political scientist, expert in European and Balkan politics, with more than 30 years of research on leadership, teamwork, diplomacy and management. Among other things, he was a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade and has extensive knowledge of Balkan politics, especially in the context of Balkan countries wishing to join the EU.

“The time has come for a new kind of leadership. Leadership with a focus on empowerment. Not everything depends on the leader, he shouldn’t be at the top of the hierarchy just to tell others what to do. Leaders now have to constantly improve and advance, in order to be more useful for the team and the company or society,” says Jefferson.

This project is an opportunity for all entrepreneurs, startup companies and business idea owners to meet Collin Bunch from the University of Colorado, coordinator of the entrepreneurship program in the USA with the goal of creating contacts with investors who are ready to support business ideas in our region. And how do you hire investors if you don’t have a sales “killer” pitch? The art of storytelling is revealed by Matt Murrie.

J Scott Christianson arouses great interest wherever he appears. This top expert, an assistant professor at the Trulaske College of Business University of Missouri, an expert in Machine Learning, AI, Internet of Things and Blockchain technology will train bank clerks, HR professionals and sales professionals to use new technologies to make their work more efficient and secure. A large number of sales managers and human resources employees are interested in ways in which AI could be used in constructing the most efficient sales offer in a particular context or selecting the right candidates for the job.

The unwritten rule is that participants usually combine this workshop with All You Can Sell with Tron Jordheim, who reveals his most effective sales strategies and persuasion skills combined with practical tasks. His main advice is:

“Don’t sell, make them wanna buy from you!”

Haven’t checked out yet which one of these experts can help you? What are you waiting for?

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