Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it: Tamara Jokanović’s column for ‘Karakter’ magazine

Blog - Dec 14, 2020

As every month, Tamara Jokanović, Managing Director of Represent Communications, writes a column for ‘Karakter’ magazine:

Does anyone know what will happen on that long-awaited January 01?

December we all eagerly expected has come.

It is amazing that at the beginning of this year, my New Year’s resolution was, out of completely different reasons, for this year to pass as quickly and painlessly as possible, and then it turned out that it would the resolution for the entire world only a few months later.

Some would say that “the one from above” actually made my wish come true.

When I think about it… he did! It will soon be over. I don’t know when or how, but when I looked back, I realised that December had come. As painlessly as possible. When I think about it… he made that come true as well. Less painfully than it could have been, I have to admit. Despite all the obstacles, challenges, external forces, expected and unexpected factors of impact, ups and downs, my own internal struggles in all these past months, it will soon be over. Less painfully than it could have been.

And now what?

Does anyone know what will happen on that long-awaited January 01? I believe that piece of information would make someone the wealthiest person in the world if that person could foresee precisely the future, development and survival of mankind in the next couple of years.

And we all are still counting…

There are so few days left until the end of this year and so many new infection cases and related deaths we are counting every day. There are a few new investments and so many new COVID hospitals and infirmaries. A few new jobs and experts. So many new ways of work and bans. There are virtually no stamps in passports, while we cannot even count litres of used alcohol and disinfectants. Celebrations and gatherings are occasional, whereas depression, violence and divorces are frequent. The beauty industry has recorded the lowest lipstick sales ever, and there have never been more companies and industries that need assistance.

Are we soon going to remember, like our elderly, Tito’s time and what it was like before? We will call “our time” #coronatime and we will switch to counting periods “before and after coronavirus”.

A summary… is only worth in case we will draw serious conclusions and learn lessons for future challenges we will encounter. Otherwise there is no point in summarising because all those summaries will remain on paper. They will look like a New Year’s wish sent to Santa Claus to the remote North Pole which has never reached him or which he has been prevented from fulfilling.

What will you wish for this New Year?

All those things we took for granted are gone.

When I think about it, I’m sure that “the one from above” has made someone else’s wishes come true, not only mine…

This year has brought something new. We have got more time with our families, more time spent at home than at work, more wisely spent free moments, we have overcome some new skills.

But this year has also taken a lot away from us as well. Parties, gatherings, carefree socialising, hugs, kisses with fear, hand-shaking, smiling faces, where smiles are not hidden under masks, closeness, freedom of movement and living, socialisation.

So, make a smart wish for this New Year! Make it with all your heart, honestly and for real, because” the one from above” clearly fulfils wishes, and perhaps this year it’s your turn!

And don’t forget the most important wish! Because resolutions, including these New Year’s ones, are only worth if we stay healthy…



Tamara Jokanović

Managing Director

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