Bora Miljanović: Coronavirus covered the hill and now every animal will leave a trail

Interview - Dec 16, 2020

The web portal Advertiser traditionally marks the end of a calendar and business year with interviews with leaders of advertising, media and PR agencies. Borislav Miljanović, PhD, the Represent System founder and CEO, gave an interview to Nenad Danilović.

What has the year of 2020 been like for your agency? What are the relevant projects and activities that your agency has implemented this year?

– The Represent System, which now comprises 7 business entities in 4 countries in the region, with more than 100 employees, is ending this year slightly more successfully than the previous one. Which is an excellent result under the COVID conditions, but it is still below the plans we had. We have had no layoffs and even expanded the digital sector, won new clients such as Microsoft and Nestle, as well as CEFTA as a big regional client, whereas Bizlife has become the most influential business platform. We have also prepared the My Avatar launch, aimed at changing SoMe content monitoring in Serbia completely, as well as the Represent Academy, which will create new space in the sector of education in communication. So, we have worked hard and the results will be visible in the years to come.

How do you comment on this business year in the market communications industry? What are the biggest business challenges you have encountered this year?

– Coronavirus has covered the hill and now every animal will leave its trail. This year, balance sheets will clearly show which agencies innovated their operations and changed quickly, and which remained stuck in classic marketing. Global data in our industry shows a 10 percent drop, so everyone who scores better than that deserves respect.

What do you suggest and recommend for improving conditions for marketing communications agencies’ operations? Please list three most relevant factors for enhancing the position of communications agencies in the current business climate.

– This year, we have seen that the world can function without marketing. And that, at the end of a day, we are left on our own and our resilience and creativity. We should advocate for better regulated business conditions, but that will not be a priority for anyone in the upcoming years.

What are your expectations for 2021 in regard to business conditions in the market communications industry? Do you have any big plans for next year that you can share with the public?

– I sincerely hope that our Content First strategy and multichannel communication will dominate the market. I expect our Represent Academy, Digital Element and the offices in Skopje and Sarajevo to spread their wings next year and continue with growth, in the same manner as our Representations in Belgrade and Podgorica and Bizlife have been doing for years. Many smart and hard-working people are now with us, and everyone is motivated to take the warp speed as soon as the pandemic calms down.

Make a wish for your clients and all future advertisers for 2021.

– Be brave and have fun!

Author: Nenad Danilović
Source: Advertiser Serbia



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