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Who we are, and who we want to be.
A few things you should know about Represent Communications

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  • We believe in people and working together!

  • Our people are not only our major asset and advantage; they are also our family.

    We are writers, journalists, artists, entrepreneurs, designers, photographers, comedians, food lovers, data-junkies.

    We live and use emerging technologies, work hard and grow constantly.

    We are fully committed to a healthy attitude towards life and mutual support.

  • For us, family comes first.

  • Women account for 90 percent of our company. Most of them are wives and mothers. We provide all moms with an opportunity to organize their work in a manner that best suits them.

    For us, unity means that everyone bears a responsibility of their position and develops people s/he works with.

  • Learning and career development opportunities.

  • We perceive business challenges simply and professionally.

    We understand that the most relevant way of advancing is day-to-day exchange of experience with more than 90 colleagues in four countries.

    Our educational program has so far been completed by more than 1,000 professionals in the areas of public appearance, public relations, media relations and use of digital communication channels.

    We encourage our people to assume various business roles and share the experience they’ve acquired. We believe that every employee always has a potential to grow!

Let’s work together

We are always looking for motivated and knowledge crawling individuals…