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News - May 20, 2020

Every day, you can follow daily digests about coronavirus and the situation in Serbia and the world on Daily digests are ready at 8 am, every day. Here’s the current situation in Serbia:

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the state of emergency was declared at the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia as of March 15.

Cases registered: 10,733
New cases: 34
Total tested so far: 190,683
Total number of recovered: 4,904
Deaths: 234

Business & economy & market

PCR test no longer mandatory when entering Serbia as of Friday

The EU’s recommendations for assisting Serbia’s economy – At a meeting of economy and finance ministers of the EU Member States, the Western Balkans and Turkey and representatives of the European Commission and the European Central Bank an agreement was reached about six recommendations of the EU for Serbia. They refer to additional mitigation of a negative impact of the pandemic on growth and employment via adequate discretion measures of fiscal policy, as well as assistance to the economic recovery through increasing capital spending focused on growth, in a sense of an increased share of spending in GDP in 2020 and in the mid-term. Also, an agreement was reached about improving management of state-owned companies through restructuring, among other things.

Hotel businesses invited local self-governments to delay tax payments

Survey: online shopping exceeded all other forms of shopping during the crisis

Travel normalisation in focus of the quadrilateral – At a meeting with the leaders of Bulgaria, Greece and Romania, the Serbian president said that Serbia agreed with a proposal to open the border between these countries on June 01, with the implementation of adequate epidemiological measures.


Registered cases until 7.50pm on 19/05/2020: 4,955,725
Increase: 98,414
Total cured: 1,939,951
Total deaths: 323,193

Social media

The news about a large number of new infections among workers of the Jura factory yesterday provoked negative reactions of SoMe users. They say that many warned about bad conditions and no safety measures implemented in the factory for days. Many think that the number of infections will continue to rise in the upcoming days. Many comments were also registered in regard to the detainment of the director of the Retirement Home in Negotin, on suspicion of non-compliance with the measures that resulted in the virus presence in the home. Users were also concerned about the news on cases of Kawasaki disease among children in Serbia. Among other things, the disease comes as a consequence of the coronavirus infection and the main issue is whether this changes the expert position that children are mainly not threatened by COVID-19.


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