Google pays USD2.6 mn because of discrimination

News - Feb 10, 2021

Google is forced to pay USD2.6 mn to the women employed in the company, as well as to all engineer job candidates from Asia in order to settle allegations of salary and recruitment discrimination, the US Department of Labor announced.

This astronomic figure includes USD1.4 mn for back pay and interests for 2,565 employed engineers because of salary discrimination, 1.2 mn for 1,757 women and 1,219 Asian candidates who were not recruited for engineer positions.

Salary discrepancies, referring to women working as software engineers, were discovered during a routine compliance check, a press release states.

Female and Asian job candidates were brought to an unfavourable position in regard to different software engineer recruitment rates at Google’s locations in San Francisco and Sunnyvale, California, and Kirkland.

The Internet giant will also allocate at least USD1.25 mn to compensate for salaries of engineers in several US offices in the next five years.

We believe everyone should be paid based upon the work they do, not who they are – states Google in the press release and promises that it will invest huge funds in unbiased recruitment processes in the future.

Source: Hina



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